15 Tools To Help Your Startup Grow Faster

Are you one of those people who desperately want to become successful entrepreneurs without spending a bucket load of dollars? During the pre-internet days, traditional setups required resources that weren’t as easy to avail as they are in today’s age. The new face of the internet has introduced a whole new standard of setting up a startup, including free and paid resources to help your startup flourish without the constraints of time and space.

Ok, so you have a startup whose stunted growth keeps bothering you from time to time. Know what? You really don’t have to stress and lose the hair on your head over it. There are several tools and digital solutions that guide your startup on each step of its growth. Also, these are the most productive options to attract customers, rev up your sales, increase your web traffic, and generate revenue.

However, success is only a matter of right choice. Which means that in order to make your business grow, you have to make use of the right tools. So for that reason, I’ve compiled a list of 15 highly productive tools that aren’t all that heavy on your pocket, are easily accessible, and can be used immediately for any growth-oriented startup.

There’s another catch; I’ve aligned the tools respective to the growth phases of a startup, regardless of its type. Nifty, eh?

Without further ado, let’s put on the show, shall we?

  1. Keep an Eye on Em’ with Google Trends

You know what makes your business thrive? It’s your customers. Google Trends is one such fascinating tool that keeps you posted on what your customers prefer and where they’re located.

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For instance, if you’re selling cupcakes, Google Trends will provide you deep insights on your customers’ interest over time as well as interest by region, which makes it quite easy for you to pitch your sales where your interested audience resides.

  1. Make an Attractive Website with Wix

Every business needs a website, which is why Wix is a refuge for many looking for elaborate web design merged with creativity. This online website builder gives you the freedom to create your own website at a minimal cost.

  1. Try LogoDesign.net To Define Your Brand Identity

Isn’t it amazing that you can have your brand’s identity professionally designed in the most cost-effective manner? Logo Design is one of those AI-driven logo maker tools that just require a few clicks and three easy steps to deliver your professional logo within minutes.

  1. Make Shopping Easier With Shopify

Shopify is a reliable e-commerce platform where you can sell your products physically or online. From marketing to receiving payments and securing shipments, Shopify handles all your startup hassles.

  1. Let Things Manage Your Business Tasks

Things is an award-winning productivity app that helps you get more organized. It is loaded with solid management features which are quite simple and easy to use. Neat. Clean. Crisp.

  1. Secure The Legal Business Ends With Legalzoom

Before launching your business, you need to make sure it’s authorized and recognized by the state laws. Now, Legalzoom helps you establish your business legally anywhere in the US. It helps you with all the paperwork and provides you with a business tax ID when your business is approved by the state.

  1. Place Business Ads with Google Adwords
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Google Adwords is an online advertising tool that helps businesses to propagate their products and services. Once you sign up for an ad campaign for your business, this tool digs up the customer data base algorithms across the internet and targets your specific audience.

  1. Reign the Social Media Ad World with Facebook Ads

Social media marketing probably took its toll on Facebook and literally broke the internet. It is the ultimate market to scour for potential customers and the only way to commercialize your business is via Facebook ads. It lets you tell stories in multiple formats in ads on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Design All the Way With Canva

Nothing speaks better than a visually appealing design. Canva is the complete go-to design tool that helps you create stunning graphics in a matter of minutes. There are even tons of templates to choose from that you can customize.

  1. Make a 15-Second Marketing Video With Promo

In the price as low as $20, you can create 15-second promotional and marketing videos. These videos are high in quality and can be complemented with various media, text, and your logo. With more than 3.5 million clips, these videos can be used best for social media ads.

  1. Let Hootsuite Manage All Your Social Media Accounts

Did you know that Hootsuite was named the leading tool for social media management in 2017? It helps you schedule your content, track your competitors, interact with your followers, and manages your social media team.

  1. Take Digital Notes on Evernote

To remove the stress of filing notes and keeping guard of the important documents, Evernote is the best note-taking app that keeps your notes organized and syncs your memos so that you can easily access the content anytime anywhere.

  1. Connect Your Business Apps with Zapier
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I get that you’re a busy person and your business needs some high-speed automation. For that reason, you need to use Zapier that automates your workflow by connecting your important business apps, such as Facebook Ads, Slack, Google Docs, and so on.

  1. Increase Your Web Traffic With Sumo

Sumo is a web growth tool that speeds up the conversion rate and generate incredible traffic. It’s a complete suite of marketing tools to increase email signup, reduce cart abandonment, and increase your order value and much more.

  1. Make Marketing Better with Mailchimp

This is one bigger and brighter marketing platform that helps growing businesses elevate their potential. From varying plans, you can choose the one which includes the features that best suit your business.