Someone once said something about the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes, but they were wrong. The season’s changing from one to the next is just as guaranteed – and so much more pleasant!

If you’ve been thinking about making some interior design changes to your home or office, then you’ve come to the right place. The only thing to remember is that, much like fashion, not all trends will be well-suited to your space.

Start by choosing from five of the biggest trends for spring at the moment, which include:

1. Open-Plan Living Areas

Open plan living has repeatedly been brought back into the limelight of the interior design world. The most crucial point to remember when choosing a trend to implement, is that you need to be passionate and convinced that it would work equally well in your space.

Open plan living allows you to capitalize fully on your space and is a necessity in modern apartments, which are not overly bigger than a postage stamp. Just kidding, but they are compact.

2. Self-Care Spaces

If you’re wondering what a self-care space is, you probably desperately need one. Now when we say self-care, that does not mean what many of you seem to think it does.

Self-care spaces include lavish bathrooms with a gorgeous soaker-sized tub and all the extras to make for an indulgent place to relax and recenter. This kind of room or space gets designed to keep you in mind and find ways to make you feel at peace and relaxed – particularly during spring cleaning season.

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3. Green Means Go

This spring, everyone should be all about green. It doesn’t matter what shade of this organically excellent color you prefer, just as long you have it somewhere in your house – ideally front and center.

Green is a bold choice, particularly for a kitchen – so for this room, you should choose a stunning sage green to compliment your brand new appliances. If you have recently done a kitchen makeover, now is the best time to sign up for a house warranty plan.

Look at an American Home Shield review to get a handle on your home situation. No American home should be without the peace of mind and coverage that these plans can offer.

4. Barkitecture 

This is entirely what you think it is. Barkitecture is all about making your home look amazing for your pet. Create the most luxurious space for your beautiful pet, that way it can fit seamlessly into your design space.

We love our pets and treat them as family, so it makes sense that we would want to give them the best life possible in our homes.

5. Bold Country

The country interior design style has been given a makeover this year. Think bright colors and color blocking and a celebration of patterns and designs. Google searches in the last year have experienced a major boom for maximalist design trends; you can take that one step further by blending it into your home’s country style.

A bold country design choice needs to be embraced to be appreciated, so don’t be afraid to try.

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