5 Ways To Market A New Home Care Business 

Many people see running a home health care business as a pursuit that’s honorable. At the same time, it’s also challenging to run a new business. You’ll need to ensure that your patients are cared for and that the bills are paid on time. You’ll need to make a profit so that you can keep running your home health care business. But it can’t be at the expense of the quality of care being provided to the patients.

Much like any other business, a home health care business will also need to be marketed effectively. This means that your business will need a marketing plan. You’ll need to make your target market aware that your business exists, and give them reasons to choose your services over your competitors. But how can you effectively market your home health care business? Here’s how you do it.

1. Developing a Brand Identity 

Do you want your home health care business to stand out from your competitors? Then you’ll need to develop a brand identity that’s strong. The world today is largely digital, which means that you should make use of social media to market your business.

Any time a family thinks about hiring a home health service for their loved one, your business should come to their mind. To make this happen, you’ll need to develop a brand identity. Here’s how you do it:

  • A part of your marketing budget should be devoted to digital marketing. Build business social media profiles and use targeted marketing tactics to reach potential clients.
  • You can also speak at events within your locality. There are medical schools that host seminars on home health services. When you speak at events like these, you’ll be able to develop your brand authority.
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2. Asking For Referrals 

Word of mouth marketing continues to be a major way that businesses that are service based, net new clients. You should already have a few clients who are happy with the services you provide. You can ask such clients for referrals.

Sometimes, when the client is pleased with your work, they may provide referrals even without you asking them for it. This is also called testimonial marketing. The testimonies being provided by your clients are based on their personal experiences. The people they refer your services to are more likely to take to heart the comments your clients make about your business.

To get referrals as well as testimonials from your clients, consider building a positive relationship with them. Do this right from the beginning, and maintain good relations with them throughout.

3. Social Media Marketing 

Simply having a business social media account isn’t enough. It needs to be active as well. If your social media account is inactive, potential clients may feel that your business isn’t operating anymore. They may also think that your business is illegitimate, or that you don’t provide high quality services.

It’s better to not have a business social media account, than to have one that isn’t updated regularly. You can upload information about your daily activities, the services you provide, any promotions that might be going on, and more. You can even make posts about the kind of training or certification courses that your employees may be participating in.

Consider investing in insurance for home health care business. This is as running a business leaves you open to various risks, including getting sued by clients. When you have insurance for home health care business, you gain coverage that helps you protect your business as well as your finances. If you would like to learn more about insurance for home health care business, then click here. 

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4. Use Google My Business 

Another way to effectively market your business is to make use of online business directories, such as Google My Business. Upon listing your business on the platform, you’ll be able to expand your reach.

Now that everyone has a smartphone in their hands, when they need to search for something, they do it online. It’s also possible that your competitors already have a Google My Business account. So if you don’t get an account as well, you could end up losing potential clients to your competitors.

5. Printed And Branded Goods 

Anytime you attend a seminar or a conference, consider taking along printed and branded goods as well. You can have pens, shirts, tote bags, notebooks, and even fans made that have your business branding on them. Also, consider leaving your branded merchandise in the lobby of your business, so if a potential client comes in to make an inquiry, they can find your branded goods.

Branded products are great for marketing your business as they are essentially walking advertisements for your business. Any time a recipient uses one of your branded products, they are marketing your business to those around them.


As an industry, home health care is booming. With more and more people growing older by the day, the demand for home health care workers is on the rise. Family members may not have the time or skills to care for their loved ones, which is when they turn to home health care businesses. Use the tips in this guide to effectively market your new home health care business and secure clients.

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