1 Name Ava Rose Bellera
2 Nick Name Ava
3 Gender Female
4 Age 20y as of 2023
5 Birthday October 11, 2003
6 Birth Place Ontario, Canada
7 Hometown Ontario, Canada
8 Nationality Canadian
9 Profession Tik-Tok Star
10 Hobbies Traveling, Singing and Dancing
11 Education N/A
12 Net Worth (approx) $50,000 – $150,000
13 Height 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m) (165cm)
14 Weight 55kg
15 Body Measurements 34-26-39 inches
16 Hair Color Brown
17 Eye Color Dark brown
18 Skin Tone Fair
19 Marital Status Single
20 Parents N/A
21 Siblings N/A
22 Religion Christianity

Ava Rose Bellera (also known as Ava Rose Beaune) is a beautiful and lovely girl who is a popular social media personality because of her large fan following on TikTok(@avarxseee) and Instagram(@ava.rxsee). Her fame on TikTok is primarily due to her modeling on meme captions, short scenes, and lip-synching. While sharing sizzling, curvy, and hot photos on Instagram is the primary cause of her success.

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  • Ava Rose Age
  • Ava Rose Bellera’s Physical Appearance
  • Ava Rose Family
  • Ava Rose Boyfriend/Husband
  • Ava Rose’s Affairs
  • Ava Rose’s Net Worth
  • Stalking Incident
  • Ava Rose Bellera’s Quick Biography
  • Facts of Ava Rose
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Ava Rose Beaune/Bellera Biography & Career

  • 19 years old canadian girl
  • 5’4″ petite princess
  • Student and tiktoker
  • Vivacious, bright and sweet
  • Detailed and limitless

Ava Rose Bellera was born on October 11, 2003, in Canada. Her current age is 19 years old, and her zodiac sign is Libra. She also has Canadian citizenship. Ava Rose’s ethnicity is mixed, and her religion is Christianity.

In 2019, she first began sharing videos on Tiktok. Those were the early phases of her Internet career, and she quickly gained many followers on her account. However, things were never simpler for her because she earned fame through hard work and perseverance. She amassed millions of fans on TikTok and Instagram at the same time. That is why she is acquiring brand deals and endorsements to make a lot of money on the Internet.

As of 2022, she has millions of active Tiktok followers. She then began creating content on Instagram, where she amassed over 1 million followers. Her improvement is now accelerating. As a result, we may predict that she will gain more popularity and money in the future. She also wants to be an actor one day, and we may expect to see her on Hollywood screens in the future.

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Ava Rose Age

Young Charming girl Ava rose is enthustic teenager. She is of 20 Years as of 2023. She born on 11th Oct, 2003 inthe city Ontario, Canada.

Ava Rose Bellera’s physical appearance

Ava rose stands around 5 feet 5 inches tall. According to the sources, Ava rose weighs 55 kg. The statistics may fluctuate based on the scenario, but we have the most up-to-date and accurate data available here. Ava Rose’s body measurements are 34-26-39; she wears a 33C bra size and typically wears 6(US) shoe sizes. Her eye is dark brown and hair color is brown.

Ava Rose family

Ava Rose has never openly discussed her family. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get along with her family. In 2020, she released a Tiktok video of herself dancing with her mum in a car. We can expect her father’s and mother’s names to be revealed on the internet in the future.

Ava Rose Boyfriend/Husband

Ava Rose Boyfriend/Husband

Ava Rose is single yet, but she had a lovely realtionship with Cole Howard. Ava was open about her relationship with her fans on instagram but after break-up with Cole she seem to be single.  

Ava Rose’s Past affairs

Ava Rose is candid about her relationship with her fans on her Instagram page. She once had a romantic relationship with Cole Howard. They are no longer dating, according to the news.

Ava Rose’s net worth

According to reports, Ava Rose’s net worth is more than $1 million. She used to publish videos on Tiktok, where she is very popular. Therefore TikTok account is a significant portion of her revenue. She also has many Instagram followers, which allows her to earn money from sponsored posts on the same platform.

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Aside from that, she has signed brand deals, sponsorships, and entertainment deals, which will be the primary reason for her massive earnings. In the future, the young sensation hopes to become an actress. As a result, she will also make a lot of money from there.

Stalking incident of Ava Rose

Beginning in July 2020, while hanging out at her friend Gabriel’s house, her cell phone service went out, and she couldn’t contact her father about it. When it was turned back on, Ava received a rush of text messages telling her to check her social media accounts. She was horrified to see that, even though it wasn’t true and she had never posted it, her Facebook status had stated that she would be committing suicide shortly.

It would be an unknown man who hacked her accounts, contacts, SMS, e-mails, etc. He even called her parents and demanded to speak to her. The next day, he texted her for the first time, stating he just wanted to talk to her. Then he called her and expressed his desire to have sex with her. Before she hung up, she assumed he was after her Instagram account. The stranger had hacked her using a technique known as SIM switching. 

She eventually regained control of her accounts and everything else, and matters with her carrier were resolved. The stranger continued to annoy Ava over time. He threatened her and posted inappropriate things on her Instagram profile. And to make matters worse, a boulder shattered her mother’s car glass. The rock came with a message that said, “I want to grab you and impregnate you!” According to the Police, She couldn’t live in her own home anymore.  

As a result, she relocated to a friend’s house. But she was still in danger because he had found her there. Her most recent PM from the man stated that he would never leave her alone and that it would be removed once opened. So she recorded it and reported it to the police. She and her family were forced to stay somewhere else for the next two weeks, as directed by the police, with the guy continuously bothering her.

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Eventually, the police apprehended the stranger because he had momentarily disabled his VPN. They also seized other evidence and all the gear he had used to pull it off.

The incident ruined her life so profoundly that she stopped posting on TikTok to heal and deal with her friends and family. However, she returned to TikTok on August 15, 2021.

Quick facts of Ava Rose

  • She loves to sing and dance.
  • She used to share bikini photos and videos on Instagram.
  • She is now single.
  • She loves having pets.
  • She used her social media platforms to share lifestyle and fashion selfies.
  • She also enjoys photography and travel.
  • Blue is Ava Rose’s favorite color.
  • She began using Tiktok for fun.
  • She enjoys taking selfies.
  • Ava performed a cinematic duet with Charli D’Amelio.
  • She has been in various commercial brands.
  • Ava rose ranks between 50 and 75 in the Google trends search data for the entire year.
  • She doesn’t do any drugs.
  • Ava has never been involved in a controversy.
  • She enjoys meeting her fans and interacting with them as much as possible.
  • She is not into porn or adult/nudes industry at the moment, so you will not find any leaked photos, videos or nudes of her
  • Her contact email is [email protected]


We talked about Ava Rose Bellera in this article since she is a well-known social media celebrity. Ava Rose started her career in August 2019. She achieved recognition as a result of her hard work in sharing her content on TikTok and Instagram, and as she aspires to be an actress in the future, we hope she will reach that point. We hope you liked learning all about her.

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FAQs About Ava Rose Bellera

What is the age of Ava Rose Bellera?

She was born on October 11, 2003. So by year 2023 she is 20 years old.

Who is the boyfriend of Ava Rose Beaune?

Cole Howard was her boyfriend but they are not dating any more.

Is Ava Rose Bellera Single Now?

Yes! she is not dating anyone now.

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