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Crusoe Had It Easy Cheats

  • “destined” – Play as Sophie’s brother instead of her cousin.
  • “fluffykitty” – Turns Sophie into a catgirl with a foxtail.
  • “legolasbride” – Sophie and the nameless protagonist are turned into elves living in a modern version of Middle-earth.
  • “notsoclose” – Play as Sophie’s close friend, instead of her cousin.
  • “nudetella” – Make Sophie entirely nude.
  • “odysseyofthelostbikinibottom” – No bikini bottom.
  • “oldschoolcheat – Unlock all CG illustrations in the gallery.
  • “papabear” – Play as Sophie’s dad instead of her cousin.
  • “receptacleforthebespectacled” – Gets Sophie glasses.
  • “shavednotstirred” – No pubic hair on Sophie.

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