How Automatic Writing Is Used In Psychics

Automatic writing is a unique approach psychic mediums utilize to gain insight into their readings, also called psychography. Simply put, it is writing without an active conscious (i.e., presence of mind). Some mediums are skilled in automatic writing psychic readings and can provide their clients with the answers to their most pressing questions. Psychics adept at automatic writing gain information from different types of spiritual entities.


Psychic mediums often see symbols during their readings. In an automatic writing session, they may hear words from the spirit realm or see symbols in their minds. Whether in a trance or fully aware, the writer won’t know what they’re writing until the session ends. They will likely have to take time to interpret the writing and symbols. 

The dragonfly is one of the most common symbols. It is interpreted as adaptability and represents a gateway to intuitiveness. Through this awareness, the person can connect to a type of spirit that will communicate an important message. 

Characters and Signs

Characters and signs are similar to symbols in that they help guide people onto the right track. Unlike symbols, though, characters and signs aren’t necessarily seen clairvoyantly. They are commonly seen as tangible objects which are sent by the universe as guides. It’s essential to always remain aware of your feelings and surroundings to avoid missing these signs.

Channeled From the Spirit World

In channeled psychic readings, a spiritual entity will send a free-flowing message to the medium. Sometimes the spirit will take control of the medium’s hand. The person may act as if they’re in a trance-like state, but people can perform automatic writing in a trance or waking state. The person doing the automatic writing must be able to do so fast and without thought. Psychics sometimes write in a foreign language they don’t understand. They also may not write at all; it could be symbols or pictures. The most important objective in automatic writing is to write all the entity is saying and interpret it correctly. 

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Learn the Technique

Automatic writing is a way to communicate with a spiritual entity to gain guidance. It can also help you connect with your higher self and provide insights by retrieving information from your unconscious mind. It’s not just for psychics; you can learn this art. Many people who do this love the freedom they feel after a session. It’s a method of self-understanding and converting subconscious thoughts to conscious ones. It’s essential to be in a relaxed state of mind and in calm surroundings. It’s helpful to clear your mind from all emotions, particularly stress and anxiety, through meditation before you begin your automatic writing session. You must also shift your focus from logical thinking to intuitive thinking. You can do automatic writing with a computer or typewriter, but using a pen and paper to draw symbols or doodles as they enter your mind is more effective. 

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