Being a car lover isn’t easy if you don’t have the budget for major mods. Here are some good options that won’t cost you your life savings.

For many car lovers, their vehicle is their baby. It’s natural to want to upgrade it and provide it with the best parts around. However, with the cost of a new car hitting a record high of $48,301, it’s not always easy to justify spending even more money on improvements. What can you do to make your car perform amazingly if you’re on a budget?

Upgrade the small stuff

First of all, there are a number of small upgrades that can make your car feel much more high-end. Wiper blades might seem like the most boring part of your car, but you will definitely notice the difference if you buy a more expensive option. Aero wipers, for example, apply pressure more evenly so clear water from your windshield much better.

Headlamp bulbs are another simple thing to replace but being able to see better and further at night is a definite upgrade. Similarly, a reversing camera can be cheaply added to most cars to help you with parking. These might not be what you think of when it comes to car performance, but they will definitely help you drive better.

For a bit of luxury, there are some more relatively cheap things you can buy to make your driving experience more comfortable:

  • Car seat covers can be padded to help you drive in comfort
  • A Bluetooth adapter will let you take calls and stream music from your phone
  • In car wi-fi lets you use your devices while parked
  • Apple CarPlay or Android Auto will add even more tech to your ride
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Choose value for money

When your budget is limited, you might be tempted by small upgrades that don’t cost much. However, many of these also don’t do much. You’re much better off spending your money on one thing that makes a big difference than ten things that don’t have an impact on your driving.

Tires are one great option. Upgrading to a good brand like Nitto Tires will give you a high-performance ride without a huge expense. Tires determine how fast you can accelerate, how much grip you have while turning and how responsive your brakes are. An upgrade here can therefore make your car perform significantly better.

Stainless steel brake lines can also be a good, budget upgrade. Standard rubber lines flex if you have to brake hard, which can feel sluggish or mushy. A stainless steel mesh prevents this, keeping your braking sharp and responsive. You’ll find this makes your car much easier to drive without costing too much.

A similar component you can replace for not much money are your suspension bushings. These are rubber components located throughout your suspension. Despite being small, they affect how crisp your steering is and how well your car handles. Upgrading to a high-performance version can make a big difference.

Remember maintenance

One of the main reasons cars don’t perform well is that they have been poorly maintained. Keeping your vehicle in good shape is much easier – and cheaper – than upgrading it. 

Getting your car serviced, for example, doesn’t cost much but can improve your car’s performance and prevent future issues from occurring. Changing filters and fluids will help your engine, as well as giving you improved fuel efficiency and hopefully saving you money in the long run.

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Replacing things like engine oil and coolant on a regular basis can also have a big impact. And of course, a good wash and vacuum can make a huge difference to how a car feels. It might not impact the performance that much, but it will make it significantly better to drive.

While some of these upgrades might not seem like much, they can all make a big difference. Your car’s performance depends on every individual part, even the small and cheap ones. Changing these out for higher-quality upgrades is a great way to improve how any car drives.