Due to the extreme size and power commercial trucks can be very dangerous on the driveways. If you have driven on a highway you might face a heart-stopping moment when you had to side-track an 18 wheeler, or when you have seen one barrelling behind you trying to find its way to overtake at a dangerous speed. Qualified truck accident lawyers are familiar with the devastating effects of commercial truck accidents, people who have been involved in such a wreck must seek professional help from an experienced truck accident attorney.

According to a survey around 500,000 truck accidents occur every year, many of which can be avoided. Commercial drivers have to deal with a lot of situations like- driving for longer shifts, meeting short timeline, overtime etc. Sometimes they have to compromise that can malfunction and cause problems. Every car and truck driver have different ways to stay safe on the roads, you might find the following tips useful to keep yourself as well as your passengers safe.

List of some useful tips to avoid commercial truck accidents:

Keep away from blind spots

18-wheeler commercial trucks usually have more blind spots than other vehicles. Try to stay out of the following areas if possible since sometimes these areas are hard to find for truck drivers.

  • The lane of the driver’s side can be about half of the trailer’s length.
  • 30 feet (at least) behind the truck.
  • Two lanes are wide on the right side of the truck.
  • 20 feet in front of the truck from a vehicle.

If you try to avoid these blind spots you can have enough space between you and a vehicle which lower the chances of a dangerous wreck.

Double-check before pulling over on the high ways

If you required to pull off the highway in between frequent exists, try to find out a designated pull-off spot or a wide shoulder so that you have enough passage to cross. Sometimes accidents happen because suddenly a car is pulled over and collided to a passing truck.

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Be careful while passing

Always be careful while passing an 18-wheeler, because of their size and speed it is difficult for them to stop suddenly, truck drivers require a few extra seconds to react and adjust the speed. Try to remember the following points to minimize the chances of occurring a truck accident.

  • While going uphill or downhill try not to pass a truck, since it might increase or decrease its speed.
  • Try to approach the commercial truck from the left side to pass along since it is easier for the driver to see you.
  • Maintain your speed while passing also uses proper signals.
  • Try not to merge back into the lane, even if you have to do so make sure you can see the driver clearly on your rear-view mirror.
  • If a truck tries to pass slow down your speed. Try to provide some extra space so the truck can pass safely. 

Provide clear signals

Before you make any sudden movement on the road like changing lanes provide clear signals so that truck driver understands as well as anticipate your movement. Try to use signals sooner than normal especially when you a hit a highway which is a regular route for commercial trucks. Do not opt for sudden lane changes which may not provide the truck driver enough time to avoid a collision.

Provide enough space to the truck

Try to maintain a safe distance from the truck as driving closer to that vehicle can increase the chances of a wreck encouraged by the following factors:

  • Sudden braking – if the 18-wheeler has to stop suddenly, your car may slide under it. The truck might tip over.
  • Tire blowouts – sometimes tire remnants can come out of a tire and hit your windshield.
  • High winds – bad weather and strong winds can result in a truck rollover.
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So you have more reason that one to maintain a safe distance from the truck, try to give it as much space as possible while turning. Sometimes truck drivers require both the lanes to make wide turns. Also, don’t try to pass a truck in its right-turning point as you could be trapped between the rear and the front wheels of the truck.

Deem your brights

Sometimes bright headlights might reflect off the larger side mirrors and blind them, so always try to lower the high beams when your car goes near a commercial truck or any other car. While taking a sharp turn make sure you have deemed the lights and blow the horn more than twice so that if any other vehicle approaches from the opposite side get aware of your presence.

Avoid distractions

While driving try to avoid distractions like listening to loud music, talking to phone or getting carried away by the outer scenery etc. as it increases the chances of a wreck due to lack of attention. Truck drivers have to take prompt decisions to avoid collision so make sure the driving gets your full attention. If you have to receive an emergency call try to stop the vehicle and make the conversation real quick.

Be predictable

This is crucial for any kind of driving situation, especially when it comes to driving heavy commercial 18—wheeler. Use signals as clearly as possible so that the truck driver sees your vehicle and predicts your movement, especially while changing the lane.

Merge consciously

Try to avoid merging in front of a heavy commercial truck, since it is more difficult for the truck to slow down quickly. If a truck passing your vehicletry providinga clear signal that you are okay with it and try to give more space so that it can swiftly pass.

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Keep a spare driver

If you are going or a long journey of seven to eight hours try keeping an extra person who takes over your responsibility if you feel uncomfortable. However, an extra pair of eyes will always be helpful when it comes to keeping you alert and motivated.

When to contact a truck accident attorney?

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