How to Share Location on iPhone with 4 Quick Methods

When you are in an Uber or a taxi, some of you may want to share your location with your close friends or family members to let them know where you are or where you are heading. Meanwhile, you could also need to share the location on the iPhone when meeting a friend in a particular place. By doing so, you can let them know you are moving and how far you are. So, now you know learning how to share location on iPhone is an essential skill in daily life. Additionally, there are 4 ways for you to do this, and the last way even enables you to share your nearby locations on your iPhone without giving up your privacy. Check out the guide here to follow the exact steps.

Part 1: How to Share Location on iPhone with 3 Apps

The GPS functionality on your iPhone enables you to ideally share the location on the iPhone with others. Meanwhile, many built-in apps on your iPhone can utilize this function and helps you to send the locations, which include Message, Find My, and Apple Map. Before jumping to the steps on how to share location on iPhone with these apps, you need to ensure that you have turned on the Location Services on your iPhone.

1. How to Turn on Location Services on iPhone

  1. Step: Go to the Settings app. Tap the General option.
  2. Step: Scroll down to find Location Services and tap on it.
  3. Step: You have enabled it and can use the location on your iPhone.

2. How to Share the Location on Your iPhone with the Message App

In the Message app on your iPhone, you can send or share the location to your contacts or a specific number through a few taps to inform your friends where you are or your current position.

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Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and go to Message. Find the messenger you want to share the location with.

Step 2: Tap the profile icon of that messenger. You can see two buttons on the following screen: Send My Current Location and Share My Location.

Send My Current Location: Tap this button, and you will send your current position to this contact.

Share My Location: If you want to send your location for a period to the contact, you can tap this button, and your iPhone will keep sharing your position for a while with this person.

3. How to Share the Location on Your iPhone with Find My

The Find My app lets you quickly send or share the location on the iPhone with your family. You can also automatically see your family members’ positions on Find My after enabling the location-sharing function.

Step 1: Find the Find My app on your iPhone and open it. You will see a map showing your current location.

Step 2: Tap the People option. You can tap a person on the list and the Share button to share your location on your iPhone. Or you can tap the plus icon to select other people.

Step 3: Choose the Share My Location option and enter the name or phone number of the friend you want to share the location with. Tap the Send button.

Step 4: You can also choose how long you want to share this location: One Hour, Until End of Day, or Share Indefinitely.

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4. How to Share the Location on Your iPhone with Apple Maps

The pre-installed Apple Maps allows you to check your current location and navigate where you want to be. Meanwhile, you can also use it to share the location on your iPhone. Or you can change your location on iPhone on the map by dropping a new pin and sharing a different location with your contacts.

  1. Step: Go to the Maps app on your iPhone. Allow it to access your current location. Then, tap the blue dot on the map, which represents your location.
  2. Step: Drag the hidden menu from the bottom and scroll down. Tap the Share My Location button to share this position. And you can share it via AirDrop, message, social media, etc.

Part 2: How to Share Location on iPhone without Leaking Privacy

Here comes the last method on how to share location on iPhone, and this one is specially designed for anyone who cares so much about their privacy and security. Therefore, in this method, you do not need to tell others about your current position directly but use the Aiseesoft Location Changer program to choose a roundabout and share it. This is a much safer way for you to share the location on your iPhone, and you can even fake your position if you dislike others to spy on your current state. With this software on your computer, you can easily modify your iPhone’s location, so others can’t see where you are. Besides, you can pretend you are walking, biking, or even driving with the customization option in this program.

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Main Features:

  • Modify your current position within a blink.
  • Guard the safety for you with top security.
  • Switch your iOS locations virtually to any place.
  • Offer customizable options for location modification.

How to share the location with Aiseesoft Location Changer

  • Step 1: Prepare a USB cable, free download, and install this Location Changer on your computer. Use that USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. Launch the program and click the Start button on the main interface to continue.
  • Step 2: To change the location of your iPhone, click the Modify Location button on the new window. Then, you will see a map. On the left corner above, enter the location you want to be in the search bar. Click the Confirm Modify button to go there.
  • Step 3: Another way to do so is by clicking a random point on the map, and you will see the destination’s name. After that, click the Move To button to change your location. Then, you can share the location on your iPhone without being there.


Next time when you go out alone, you no longer need to worry about your safety since you have now learned how to share the location on the iPhone with several methods above. Whether you want to quickly share your current position and inform your close friends or do not want others to find out where you are, the guide above contains all the perfect solutions for you.