We are here with the most leading technology. Which is popular in this software development technological world and called as “PHP” – Hypertext Pre-processor, which was first released in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf.

In the beginning, PHP was just a simple scripting language with no framework only a script but as time passes on our PHP programmer /developer implemented great and amazing features in that and also developed several Frameworks with the help of that any website you can develop with advanced security.

Let’s check out what’s the reason that many developers love to use it to produce the software and why Organizations are adopting it.

Simplistic Coding with Frameworks:

In the market, if you searched for the technology that many frameworks and how much they are used to build the applications, then the answer you could find is “PHP” because concerning the number of frameworks and how much they used and developers applying it. In every phase, PHP wins.

The reason is that it has the vast community that keeps on modernising everything about PHP. Even a single failure/error and a huge number of frameworks accessible to create the application.

For any kind of project the developers first choice in always PHP and then they think on the framework which to use. It is because by using PHP any software developed in a short period with the easy configuration. It also saves plenty of time of the PHP web developers and even grows the business. Learning PHP is also extremely simple and quick.

Implemented feature in Frameworks:

PHP has an extensive number framework by which you can build any website. PHP has categorized framework based on their best use of WordPress which is great for the blogging. Drupal and Joomla are best to use for the E-commerce website development, and Powerful MVC framework. Codeigniter and newest one Laravel framework can also be used for producing any site with several features.

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Furthermore, the security of PHP is quite better as compared to the others, so that’s the main purpose that developers prefer and love PHP for web development.

PHP Provides Reliable Support:

As PHP has the broad association in which numerous peoples and developers make it the larger community. So you don’t need to worry concerning the support maintenance for the PHP if you are new to this technology.

You can get all the necessary support from the scratch means from primary application to produce the high-scale application. Because many developers use PHP that everyone puts their doubt. But the important thing is that it takes a few minutes to solve it. Thus, developers don’t have to wait for a long time to continue with the work. Hence, this is the second main reason that why developers like PHP for the web applications development.

You can efficiently integrate designs:

Some PHP frameworks have free readymade design templates which we just need to embed in the web development. It helps to fulfil your requirements for the designing. But if you are working with a framework like Codeigniter then for that you have to design for the web client side. In that case, you can make use of HTML5, CSS3 or bootstrap framework or JavaScript to make it easy.

Therefore, no need to take any stress for the designing with the PHP even though you are not a great web designer. Hence, that’s all we discussed some significant things which make PHP popular and successful in the field of web developers.

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Let’s check out some more important facts of PHP-

PHP is utilizing across 20 million websites and around 1 million servers

PHP can support procedural programming and also object-oriented programming.

It is incredibly flexible and enables you to do crazy but useful stuff like embedded with HTML, passing functions as parameters and more.

PHP is entirely free – you don’t have to pay any cost for using it. The source code is constantly accessible. Any developer can stretch the language if needed. It is the necessary component of LAMP technologies which implies Linux, Apache, MySQL, and also PHP and so every Developer Love PHP in Website Development.

PHP has the ability to run on all popular and leading operating systems such as OS X, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and also web servers like – IIS, Apache, Nginx, GWS.

PHP about for over 13 years and continuously supported, expanded and heightened.