Path of Exile is mostly the choice of action RPGs fans, and Path of Exile created maps that give players unlimited chances to replay and stick to the league. In the recent League of Path of Exile, players confront new challenges when they walk into a mirror of delirium, and enemies kill them surprisingly.

No need to worry; we have found some best Aoe builds in Path of Exile that can prevent unexpected death and get many advantages of the league.

In this article, we will provide you with AoE builds(Area of effect) in PoE ( Path of Exile) that increase your potential to play in its battleground.

5 Best AoE Builds in Path of Exile

  1. Leave Blade Flurry Champion
  2. Caustic Arrow Raider
  3. Storm Brand Inquisitor
  4. Chaos Damage over Time Occultist
  5. Cast on Crit Cyclone-Ice Nova Assassin

1. Leave Blade Flurry Champion

Leave Blade Flurry Champion

What do you like most in a game? We will assume your answer, so that must be destroyed, but what if you get a chance to cut your enemies into pieces. It would be genuine happiness for the gamer, so we find such an AoE build using this. You can cut your enemy into pieces.

The use of Aoe builds like Reave Blade Flurry Champion is the most powerful melee attack in the game. You will view the blood and flesh of your enemies in the air, and it provides multiple defensive layers.


  • Leave Blade Flurry is a strong melee attack.
  • Ability to clear the whole screen.
  • Defense lawyers


Leave Blade Flurry makes damage much more difficult. 

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2. Caustic Arrow Raider

Caustic Arrow Raider

This Aoe builds very conveniently because it can focus on your target and shoot them whenever your enemies pass through the focused ground, which causes heavy damage to them. Wither and Despair are excellent abilities to use when using Caustic Arrow. 

So basically, Caustic Arrow Raider spreads fire on the ground and this fire further escalates and whenever enemies stand on the ground, it causes damage to them. 


  • Affordable 
  • Free from worries and problems 
  • Most potent and high DPS 


  • Find the right balance between evasion and injury by examining the trees of the passive.
  • It can cause damage to you, too, because it spells in this AoE build.

3. Storm Brand Inquisitor

Storm Brand Inquisitor

Storm Brand Inquisitor creates supernatural brands which attach to your nearby enemies and remain attached to them until they die. You activate firing beams while attaching to enemies and cause damage to enemies and those near them. Storm Brand Inquisitor strikes chain lighting on their faces and your enemy will be unable to attack you. This AoE builds is known as an all-rounder, so favorite of many.

Pons : 

  • All-rounder build
  • Storm Brand Inquisitor stays on target for some time

Cons : 

  • Duration of this build for plenty of time

4. Chaos Damage over Time Occultist

Chaos Damage over Time Occultist

This build is famous for debuffing your enemy, which means slowing down the activities of enemies and it causes long-lasting damage to the enemy over time. Also, linked curses are applied to enemies.

Chaos damage over time occultist can be used through three gems like Bane, contagion, and Essence Drain. 

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So bane is used to debuffing your enemies, contagion whenever your enemy dies of contagion it will also spread to others and Essence drain fires a projectile that causes damage over time. 


  • This builds a clear map very well from Aoe chaining 
  • It can kill stuff while moving 
  • The Strongest Regen is essence drain 


  • It’s challenging to get good gear 

5. Cast on Crit Cyclone-Ice Nova Assassin

Cast on Crit Cyclone-Ice Nova Assassin

This Cyclone_Ice Nova combines two AoE; hence can be proved more lethal in best AoE builds. The best thing in this AoE build is to slow, freeze, and wipe out your enemies before reacting to your build. 

Cyclone work is to move toward the target’s location while spinning and also create many stages constantly and kill your enemies.

Ice Nova is a circle of ice that expands from the projectile area and its cold damage your enemies. 


  • Cut your enemies into pieces while spinning.
  • The playing style is effortless.


  • The time duration of Cyclone Ice Nova is limited 
  • Costly 
  • Hard to get valuable gear.


As mentioned above, the best AoE builds of Path of Exile(PoE) can enhance your capability and chances to win, and also their work is to slow down, freeze, and wipe out your enemies. We mentioned the pros and cons of every AoE build, and now it’s up to you to choose after observation and enhance your options to damage your enemies.

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