You may have heard repairing your stucco siding is a simple DIY process; however, there is more to the story than that.  When choosing a DIY solution over a professional stucco company, there are many factors to consider.  In many instances, a DIY solution will result in an improper repair that may lead to significant damage to your stucco.  Why pay to have a professional fix your mistake, costing you time and money when you could’ve avoided the headache altogether by calling a stucco repair company from the start?

Qualified, Competent Professional

A reputable stucco company comes with professionals who are qualified, competent, and equipped with years of experience.  There is no substitute for glowing recommendations, training, and practice that lead to a job done correctly, quickly, and affordably.  It is unlikely this will be the same outcome if you attempt a DIY fix, simply because most homeowners lack training, experience, and extensive knowledge of stucco repairs.  Thus, the project will be frustrating, difficult, and time consuming.  You may waste an entire weekend researching and working on the repair just to discover you messed up and will need to contact a stucco professional anyhow.

The Right Stuff

One large part of correctly completing a stucco repair is having access to the right tools.  While you may have many tools at your disposal, stucco repair requires specific tools of the trade.  If you are like most homeowners, you likely don’t work on stucco for a living.  Therefore, it is unlikely that you have the correct tools without making a significant investment.  By the time you invest money into the purchase of the correct tools, the professionals could’ve already had the job done.

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Protect Yourself

Job site safety goes hand and hand with having the proper tools and the knowledge to do the job right.  Repairs that are located up high, will make it necessary to be suspended from dangerous heights.  The professionals will come equipped with high, sturdy ladders, and safety harnesses.  However, it is likely you may not have the right accessories at home, making your DIY repair risky business.  If you injure yourself and are unable to work, will doing it yourself really have been worth it?

Your Time Is Precious

The time you have available, to spend with family and friends on weekends is short and precious.  Why waste your only days off work struggling with a stucco repair?  Even if you have a free weekend, attempting a DIY stucco project can be a dangerous proposition if you are inexperienced and inefficient at the process.  The main reason it becomes a problem is because you cannot start working on a stucco project and then come back to it in a few weeks when you have more time.  If you do, your hard work may be vain as the repaired areas may become damaged again when the unrepaired areas bleed over.  Hence, if you lack the necessary time to complete the project all at once, it is better to hire the professionals. 

While it may seem tempting to do a DIY repair to save some money, you must consider if it will really save you in the long run.  Consider your level of experience, the cost of renting or purchasing the correct tools, the time involved, and the possibility that if you lack adequate time and experience, you may incorrectly fix the issue or make it worse.  Thus, in a short while you will need to have the area redone entirely, costing you much more than the small initial repair would have.  When in doubt, trust all your stucco repair needs to a stucco repair contractor!

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