Remember the BlackBerry which I as once the most popular phone on the mobile market, in late 2000 when it was newly launched only the coolest people on the block had a BlackBerry phone it was a favourite amongst particularly the corporate sector because you had access to your emails like text messages, now this is common in every phone but back in the day this was a trait only available in the BlackBerry, it was considered a high tech , state of the art, luxury phone and was on the expensive side when it was first launch but it was also heavily in demand.

Unfortunately, BlackBerry couldn’t sustain it’s position in the market and eventually was stumbled upon by the fast evolving technology produced by Apple and it’s competitor Android, slowly Android and Apple took over the Market and BlackBerry became history it lost its value in the market and today BlackBerry is a photo some may not even have heard of apart from the odd few times it’s name appeared in court trails for secure data and other reasons.

The Blackberry Part

However, if you’re a BlackBerry fan there is some good news for you, the BlackBerry is going to hit the market again with its sequel to the not so famous KeyOne, the jey2 will be the predecessor and will be available in a mid range not too cheap and not too expensive and it will still have a blackberry keyboard rather than a touchscreen, the phone will be relatively slimmer compared to before, there will be no keys in the middle so the screen would be bigger.

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The Key2 looks similar to the Galaxy Note8 and apparently that’s where they have taken their inspiration from, however, the keyboard is a QWERTY, a typical BlackBerry favourite. The manufacturers are desperately counting on this one to bring BlackBerry back in to the market and help push sales which they have failed to do in the past few years, they have tried to bring in all the traits from their previous Blackberries into one phone to make it successful once more

Blackberry has also added a state of the art, Excellent result camera on the end of the phone. The camera is a 12 megapixel dual camera which isn’t a lot compared to all the phones that have 50 megapixel camera quality, so the camera probably won’t compare to your iPhone which is almost DSLR good, the phone camera can be compared to the iPhone 8 but not the Samsung galaxy 8 which has a far better picture quality.

Only time will tell if this BlackBerry can help bring the manufacturer on the market, the company has lost its reign and it’s been a while, let’s see if this can be the fan changer, considering the development of technology iPhone and Android are bringing to the market let’s hope BlackBerry has played their cards right because there is too much competition in the market compared bro the times when they were ruling.