Many people are more than happy to undertake a few DIY projects every year. Some DIY projects are carried out more frequently than others. This article takes a look at some of the most common DIY projects around.

Repairing/Replacing Floors And Ceilings 

Floors and ceilings seem to be a real magnet for dirt and dents. When the floor or ceiling in a room doesn’t look good it can make a room seem less than perfect. 

More than 5 million homeowners replace their carpeting, flooring, or ceiling tiles. Costing the average homeowner around $3,000, these home improvement projects are very popular. 

Projects such as these can be easy to carry out if the right measurements are taken. Be sure to use a calculator for cubic feet and any other tricky calculations. Make sure you also have enough materials in stock before you start your project. 

Installing Built-In Appliances 

Around 3.7 million people in this country have to replace their built-in appliances each year. 

These appliances include:

  • Washing machines 
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators 
  • Fridge-freezers 

All of these appliances work hard most days. It’s no wonder then, that they break from time to time. Many people are more than happy to undertake the installation themselves, helping to save money. 

Plumbing Issues 

Plumbing issues can be something of a concern for homeowners. In fact, almost 4 million homeowners a year spend more than $1,000 on plumbing. 

Some of the most common plumbing tasks include replacing a sink or improving a laundry room. Tasks such as these can be easy to carry out and relatively inexpensive to undertake. However, this type of DIY requires some skills and knowledge. 

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Repairing/Replacing Roofing 

A roof is there to protect the home from the elements. When there’s an issue with a roof it can fail to work as well as it should. 

Incredibly, almost 3.5 million people replace their roofs every year. 

Replacing a roof can cost around $7,000. This is not a cheap task, but it’s one that many homeowners are happy to carry out themselves. 

Replacing Doors and Windows 

When windows become drafty and doors don’t close properly, they need replacing. Around 3 million homeowners replace doors and windows every year. The average cost of replacing doors and windows is $3,400. 

Many homeowners are now attaching smart locks to their doors for added security. 

Improving The Air Conditioning 

More than 75% of homes in this country use air conditioning. Air conditioning systems seem to be repaired or replaced fairly often. 2.7 million homeowners pay around $5,000 on replacing or installing air conditioning.

Some homeowners are now relying on smart technology to help them keep their homes at the ideal temperatures. 

As you can see, a lot of homeowners are more than happy to undertake a range of DIY tasks. Perhaps they take pride in doing the work themselves. Alternatively, they may see it as a means to save money.

Whatever the case might be, it looks as though DIY home improvements are here to stay.