Top 5 Online Platforms to Take English Classes 1-on-1

The more you speak English, the easier it will be to understand and communicate with others worldwide because English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. But learning to speak English is not something you can do overnight. Learning English can be intimidating. It’s a complex language with multiple meanings for individual words. The good news is that anyone can learn to speak it. So, where should you start?

With AmazingTalker, you can connect with one-on-one English Tutors that can help you improve your English skills. Not only that, but you can also find a variety of tutors like Spanish Tutors, Korean Tutors, and more at AmazingTalker!

Places to Take English Classes 1-on-1

  1. AmazingTalker

AmazingTalker is an online language learning platform that provides high-quality lessons for all levels. Their teachers are native speakers, and their training includes extensive experience teaching multiple languages. They offer a range of courses to suit your needs and budget, including affordable trial lessons.

AmazingTalker is perfect for people who want to take English classes 1-on-1. You can take their online classes on iOS, Android, or the website. They offer a range of prices starting at $7/25 minutes all the way up to $18 or higher/25 minutes and offer trial lessons for as low as $1/class. So, you don’t have to worry about anything because you’ll get an excellent learning experience here at AmazingTalker.

  1. Preply

One of the best places to take 1 on 1 class in order to learn English is Preply. This is a crowdsourced marketplace where students can find tutors and learn from them. Preply makes it easy for students to find the right tutor for their needs and budget. You can find a native speaker and certified private tutors to learn and polish your English skills. You’ll have the freedom of learning anytime whenever your budget allows you.

  1. Varsity Tutors
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VarsityTutors is also an online platform for 1 on 1 classes that connects students with professors who are experienced in teaching. Professors offer multiple online courses that can be taken on any device, whether it’s an Android, Tablet, or PC. 

Professors also offer individualized help that is designed to meet the specific needs of each student. Students who take classes on VarsityTutors can download course materials and practice what they learn with a virtual professor. VarsityTutors is a great option for students who want to study English with the right professor for their needs.

  1. Cambly

Cambly is an online English tutoring service that connects students with English teachers who are native speakers. The Cambly platform allows students to search for English teachers by location, subject, language level, etc. Once a student has found a teacher that suits them, they can start a lesson whenever they want. Students can record their sessions so that they have a permanent record of their lessons that they can review and study. The learning wasn’t that easy before. 

  1. iTalki

iTalki is one of the world’s largest language learning platforms. You can get help learning a new language, or learn more about your existing language skills, with one-on-one lessons in over 150 languages from certified teachers and native speakers. Through adaptive learning technology, you can get help to find the best way to learn a new language. Best of all, with iTalki, you can practice for free with the community and take learning beyond the classroom.


Online English tutoring services are a great way to get help with your English language studies. The lessons are flexible, you can study with a teacher that is local to you, and the teachers are highly qualified. These services are also affordable, which makes them a great option for students who want to learn English without having to pay for expensive courses or classes.

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The 1-on -1 classes are most suitable if you want to learn more quickly and get the professor’s full attention, which appears to be impossible in classes where the professor teaches a whole bunch of people. 

One of the best platforms to learn English is to take 1-on-1 classes is the AmazingTalker. With the AmazingTalker, you can learn English in your free time. No more boring school lessons and lectures for you. Now, you can master your grammar skills in your own time.