Are you a student preparing for a spelling bee competition? Or perhaps you’re an adult who is trying to learn ESL to increase your English vocabulary skills. 

What you need is the advanced spelling tool to get you one step ahead of that competition. 

This is where a premium tool like SpellQuiz comes into the frontline. Spell quiz is an online spelling test and a vocabulary builder that has been designed to help K-12 students ace any spelling competition both locally and internationally. 

How does SpellQuiz work?

SpellQuiz engages students with spelling quizzes, tests, and practice to help them learn naturally to remember vocabulary easily. 

It provides three sections that help students improve their vocabulary, spelling, error-free typing skills, and comprehension skills through its looking-hearing-speaking-thinking-writing process.

Key Learning Sessions

SpellQuiz helps students and other K-12 students know their English vocabulary level in just 10 minutes through its advanced vocabulary test. 

With SpellQuiz vocabulary test, students will know the spelling grade to start from, which helps students spelling for grade 2 and other K-12 classes.

SpellQuiz provides spelling for grade 2 kids and other K-12 levels. Students will get to practice spelling test exercises drafted by linguistic experts and experienced teachers.

SpellQuiz provides dictation words for class 2 and other grades, introducing one new word to students in a steady way to help them build their vocabulary.

It is a section designed for students preparing for spelling bee competitions. SpellQuiz provides an online spelling bee competition that helps students preparing for competitions; compete with other students worldwide to improve their vocabulary and linguistic skills. 

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Every kid has a different learning pace, which is why SpellQuiz features adaptive spelling to help kids like those spelling for grade 2 learn at their own pace. Kids who want to learn dictation words for class 2 can benefit more from adaptive spelling.

SpellQuiz features fun quizzes, a section tailored to help students improve their grammar and vocabulary even while having fun.

How to Register

Registering on SpellQuiz is simple. All that’s required is for students to enter their parent or teacher email address and its all set. 

Nevertheless, before you can do that, your teacher or parents must have registered on SpellQuiz via the link


Parents or teachers who want to try out SpellQuiz to have a glimpse of the platform can actually do so without spending a single dollar for 14 days. 

The price starts at $12.95 monthly, while the yearly plan is $119.95. Adding additional students cost $3 per month

The plan starts at $29.95 monthly, while the yearly plan is $299. Teachers can add up to 25 students because they are provided with 25 licenses. Adding additional students costs $1 per month.

Key Features

  • Grade-wise spelling sessions
  • Vocabulary level identification
  • Progress Tracking 
  • Analytical Dashboards
  • Online Spelling Bee competition
  • Self-Tailored learning
  • Dictation-Typing-Spelling


Overall, SpellQuiz is a premium spelling test and vocabulary builder designed for parents and teachers who want to improve their student’s vocabulary skills and grammar.

Furthermore, parents and teachers don’t have to pay with an arm because the priced plans are budget-friendly. 

Also, they are no pressure attached because SpellQuiz offers 14 days free trial for parents and teachers to make a more informed decision.

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