Which Historical Figure Inspired the Name of a Popular Chocolate Brand?

ANSWER: Lady Godiva

Godiva Chocolatier was created in 1926 in Brussels, Belgium. By the Draps family, who named their first business after the tale of Lady Godiva. Godiva founder chocolatier Joseph Draps chose a moniker. It expressed timeless ideals and current audacity. His inspiration originated from the well-known Saxon tradition of Lady Godiva. She was riding naked through the streets of Coventry to beg her husband, Leofric the Dane, to reduce taxes. Joseph Draps had no idea that his chocolate would become as famous as the lady herself over time.

The Origins of Godiva Chocolate

Let’s start with a look at the history of Godiva chocolate before diving into a closer look at Godiva logos. Godiva’s history began in 1926 in Brussels, Belgium. The Draps family produced the chocolate. They founded their first shop in Grand Place in Brussels.

The Godiva Chocolate brand has always featured a woman with flowing hair on the back of a stallion. It is likewise based on this legendary figure.

Godiva’s first store outside of Belgium opened in 1958 in Paris, on the Rue Saint Honore. By 1966, Godiva Chocolate’s products had entered the United States. Gaining popularity in various shopping malls.

According to the Godiva website, there are currently over 600 boutiques. The brand has a global presence in over 100 countries.

What is the origin of the name Godiva?

The story of Lady Godiva, who inspired the Draps family, is central to Godiva’s history. And the Godiva Chocolate trademark.

Pierre Draps Sr began creating pralines in his Brussels confectionary company in 1926. His young sons Joseph, Pierre Jr, and Francois joined the business at a young age.

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The legend of Lady Godiva profoundly influenced the family. Who they believed encapsulated all of the essential aspects of their brand, according to the company’s brand history.

The chocolate company seeks to portray the principles of Lady Godiva, which include kindness, inventiveness, and courage.

What is the Godiva Chocolate symbol?

Because the Godiva chocolate brand’s name is based on the renowned noblewoman, Lady Godiva, unsurprisingly, the company’s symbol is based on the same person. The Godiva branding is based on the image of Godiva riding her horse through town in search of justice.

The Godiva brand

The Godiva Chocolate firm has been in operation for nearly 100 years since writing. The branding has changed very little. Godiva is a strong brand with a strong identity based on a sense of respect for an actual historical figure.


Where did Godiva Chocolate come from?

Godiva Chocolate began in Brussels, Belgium, before expanding throughout the world.

Godiva Chocolate is owned by whom?

A South Korean private firm currently controls Godiva Chocolate. MBK Partners and the Turkish business Yildiz Holding.

Where is Godiva Chocolate manufactured?

Godiva Chocolate began as one of the world’s top Belgian chocolate producers. But it now has factories worldwide. There are Godiva factories in Reading, Pennsylvania, Turkey, and Brussels.