Who Should You Follow on Twitter to Know Everything About Gambling

One thing about gambling is that you need well-researched and accurate information to make informed decisions because, at the end of your gambling escapades, you can take home with you a light purse or a fat wallet. But have you ever asked yourself where you can get the best information on matters regarding gambling? Twitter is one of the best platforms to acquire the latest updates and information about gambling. Whether you are looking for information about Canadian casino free spins no deposit, or real-time updates, Twitter is the place for you.

It is always a matter of putting all the acquired best practices and tactics into practice to take the mantle home or become a connoisseur in the game. This means as a gambler, you are always in search of the best strategies to use to win in casino games. This post will dive a little deeper into the popular Twitter accounts you need to follow to know everything about gambling. So, continue scrolling.

Todd Fuhrman: Find the Best and Updated Gambling Tweets From @Toddfuhrman

Todd is one of the best gambling analysts to ever appear on one of the exquisite and popular sports gambling shows, Fox Bet Live. As a co-founder and a host of well-known and loved sports betting podcasts, going by the name Bet The board is a testament enough that Todd is well versed in the gambling industry. He seemingly has information about gambling at his fingertips. He shares some of the best gambling strategies and winning picks on his platform. Learn about sports betting and where to look for free bets.

Aside from that, Todd supplies his followers with his understanding and sardonic spin on betting markets across all the sports you can think of. Before joining the sports betting industry, Todd Fuhrman worked in the financial analysis world, where he helped big brands in the gaming space to optimise all elements of their gaming operations, including table games and risk management. After transiting to the sports betting space, Todd became one of the most reliable, trusted, and outstanding voices in the sports betting world.

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Jeff Hwang: The Best Twitter Account for Poker Players

Are you a lover of poker? Do you find yourself playing poker and blackjack every time you visit a land-based or the best online casino? Then Jeff Hwang is the person you should follow on Twitter for poker information, techniques, and much more. Jeff Hwang is a well-known gaming industry consultant whose interests surround playing casino games such as poker and blackjack. The gaming industry and his interests in the casino industry have contributed significantly to him virtually visiting every commercial casino in the US.

Besides, Jeff Hwang is a gaming industry consultant, and he regularly writes about the gambling industry for a well-known stock and investing website, namely Motley Fool. Jeff is the plug for you if you want to make real money playing poker, blackjack, or other casino games. On his Twitter account, you will find updated casino information, the latest news, and so much insight about gambling, mainly if you are a casino player from Las Vegas and Nevada.

Brianne Doura: The Best Advocate for Responsible Gaming

Among the best gambling or gaming advocates in the gaming industry is Brianne Doura. Over the years, Brianne has aimed to reduce gambling harm by collaborating and working with firms and organisations that are fixated on reducing gambling addiction and harm in society. She has served as the director of policy and communications and a legislative director for the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling and the National Council on Problem Gambling, respectively.

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Similarly, Brianne is one of the most professional, ambitious, zealous, and well-versed advocates in the gambling space, which means she has tons of information regarding the gambling industry. She has an unprecedented grasp of responsible casino gambling issues and addiction, which is the reason why she has started a consulting firm to promote responsible gambling policies. Her Twitter page has a lot to offer, mostly for anyone looking for in-depth information about the gambling industry.

Victor Rocha: The Best Twitter Account for Tribal Gaming and California Gambling

Victor Rocha’s unparalleled grasp of tribal gaming and California gambling is one fantastic thing that makes him stand out. If you are a California punter or are into tribal gaming, you must check out Victor Rocha’s Twitter account. Although Victor Rocha does not regularly post his analysis and opinions on Twitter, he is still one of the best people you should follow. Some of the reasons why following Victor is a good idea include:

  • His Twitter page contains all the information you need regarding tribal gaming and the California casino industry since his feed is more of a news aggregator for these two topics.
  • He is linked to some of the experts in the casino industry; therefore, following him will be like following lashings of adepts.

Therefore, if you are looking for California gambling information, such as the best online slots in California, the best devices for gambling, or how to go about gambling in California, don’t miss out on the information on Victor’s Twitter account. 

Alun Bowden: The Twitter Account You Need for European Gambling Market Information

Twitter Private: https://twitter.com/gamblinglamb

With gambling being legalised in some areas and yet to be legalised in others, it is normal to think that there’s no gambling outside of the United States. However, gambling is not just in the states but also outside the US. For most punters and casino industry folks, this may come as a surprise based on the trending Twitter threads regarding gambling. However, that is not even an issue because whether you know about the European gambling market or not, there’s one person you must follow to equip yourself with more information on the same. But why do you need to follow Alun Bowden? Well, here are the reasons:

  • Alun Bowden is the star of the show on matters regarding the European casino market. For two decades now, Alun has been an analyst and journalist covering online gambling.
  • He is also a core member of the excellent Eilers and Krejcik team, focusing on European markets, which shows he has vast experience and knowledge about gambling.
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Nick Jones: For Detailed Information About Poker

Playing casino games such as poker calls for using the best strategies to win. You need the right information about poker and other related casino games to outsmart your fellow gamblers at a casino table. To get detailed, well-researched, and valuable poker information, you need to follow Nick Jones. What you may not know about Nick Jones is that he is an expert in the gambling world, working with Poker Industry Pro, where he is primarily in charge of posting Twitter threads covering a myriad of topics related to poker and other casino games.

To sum it up, there is a wide selection of people you should follow on Twitter to know everything about gambling. The list remains endless, but first, identify whom you want to follow and ask yourself why you want to follow them and what you will gain from doing so; then, now, hit the follow button. Otherwise, ensure you have an expert to guide you on matters regarding gambling even as you take a sip of the information these gambling experts post on their Twitter feeds. There are millions of gamblers out there. Some people follow Twitter accounts that provide tips on how to beat the odds, while others follow casino news feeds to get the latest information about promotions and events. Just choose your theme and start following the people who interest you.